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I remember when I told myself that I would never go to Africa and hunt... yet that first safari remains etched into my mind.. and I have been to the dark continent with bow and arrow nearly 30 times since.

Africa is amazing, yet for hunters who prefer archery- I strongly suggest booking your hunt with a bowhunting outfitter. I know several top notch bowhunting outfitters and concessions in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia & Mozambique.

South Africa is the place to collect trophies and if it’s your first time to Africa, let me suggest my bowhunting camp. Thru an exclusive arrangement with bowhunter and well known RSA PH Zak Grobler, I have set up my own bowhunting camp on the Shelanti Game Reserve. The water holes and blinds are tailored for TV production and many of the animals you have seen me harvest on TV have been taken on these concessions. Between 3 large concession areas, the Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp offers a complete plains game experience and a feel of old Africa. These concessions contain, leopard, elephant, rhino, hippo and nearly every plains game specie you can imagine. Trust me, your arm will get tired drawing the bow at some of these tailored, Cuddeback monitored- waterholes.

Can you imagine being in a hang-on treestand overlooking a tracked up waterhole and having a 18 foot giraffe walk in and look at you at eye level?? Animals that you can see closer than 20 yards nearly every day [depending on weather and which location you sit] include, kudu, eland, gemsbok, hartebeest, wildebeest, waterbuck, impala, sable, roan, warthog, bush pig, nyala, bushbuck, springbok, bontebok, blesbok, duiker, klipspringer, steenbok, suni, tsessebe, reedbuck, zebra, giraffe, cape buffalo and more.........These hunting areas contain some of the best bowhunting in Africa- period.

Openings are very limited as to limit pressure on the game and provide the utmost experience.....we will only take 20 hunters in an entire season.

Serious inquiries can email me from this website.

- Tom Miranda

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