Personal hunting accomplishments are often referred to as Milestones because these goals can take years to complete. Organizations like Safari Club International, Grand Slam Club/ Ovis, Super Slam, Pope and Young Club, Whitetail Slam and others........ Read More

Tom Miranda Super 10 of North Amercian Big GameGSCO's Super Slam program honors members who achieve and register what they refer to as a SUPER TEN. The recognized 29 North American big game animals can be divided into 10 categories and one species from each category will qualify a hunter for the SUPER TEN. The categories include bears, cats, deer,..... More

Tom Miranda Grand Slam PhotoIn 1956, Arizona businessman Bob Housholder began tracking hunters who pursued North America's Wild sheep. Soon after, the harvesting of the four sub-species was referred to as a GRAND SLAM. There are actually six subspecies of wild sheep recognized, the bighorn, desert bighorn and California bighorn, Dall, Stone and f..... More

Tom Miranda Super Slam PhotoGSCO's Super Slam program honors members who achieve and register what they refer to as a SUPER SLAM. The recognized 29 North American big game animals include bears; polar, grizzly, black and Alaskan brown: cats; cougar: deer; whitetail, coues, mule deer, sitka black-tailed and columbia black-tailed: elk; Roosevelt, tule..... More

A Whitetail Slam is the harvesting, registering and certifying of four whitetail bucks, one buck each from any four of the eight recognized Whitetail Slam territories.
With biologists in disagreement of how many subspecies of whitetails exist (some biologists say 18 some over 30) Whitetail Slam utilized the top deer biologists in the nation ( Dr. Harry Jacobson & Dr. James Kroll ) to break up North America into whitetail territories that would group whitetails with similar ..... More

The Pope and Young Club is North America's preeminent bowhunting organization.
If you are a bowhunter and not a member, not only are you doing your sport an injustice, but you are missing the boat. P&Y members enjoy informative magazines, fantastic conventions and access to the original bowhunting record book. The Pope and Young Club is all about ethics ..... More

Like GSCO and the Pope & Young Club, Safari Club International is a must join organization for the Adventure Bowhunter. The SCI motto is First for Hunters and the SCI Hunter Awards and Record Book is the best in the world. SCI recognizes species from around the world and it's record book scoring system is based o..... More

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              SCI EUROPE AND ASIA
              SCI SOUTH AMERICA
              SCI SOUTH PACIFIC

GSCO also registers and archives international goat and sheep trophies.
The goats are classified as Capra, the sheep as Ovis.
The CAPRA WORLD SLAM includes 12 goat species from a recognized list of 36.The OVIS WORLD SLAM includes 12 sheep species from a list of 45.
Hunters who complete a GRAND SLAM a CAPRA SLAM and OVIS SLAM qualify for the TRIPLE SLAM AWARD. This coveted award is the pinnacle award for mountain hunters. Only two bowhunters have accomplished a TRIPLE ..... More